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CCMC Florida, Inc. specializes in kitchen and bath renovation, alterations, additions and overall remodeling of any kind.  Whether your remodeling or building a custom new home; from planning & design to finish construction, CCMC will work with your budget to achieve your goals.  


With so many previously completed  residential projects, CCMC Florida, Inc. will customize to your taste and style, delivering top quality service at affordable pricing.  CCMC will make the process of custom building seem effortless.  


Our team of professionals are in constant communication throughout the entire process. CCMC believes there is no substitution for personalized service. 


Whether your building on the water or inland in the Tri-County area, CCMC Florida, Inc. Is the premier residential contractor and renovator to get the job done!     


Whether your a tenant wanting to complete a build-out in an existing location or you own a building and want to renovate or build-out for a client.  CCMC Florida, Inc. can provide you with the proper guidence and strategy to achieve success with your project.


New construction, interior renovation, concept brand building are all familiar project descriptions that CCMC has successfully completed in the past.  Owner, Mr. Frybergh built for national chains such as Yum Brands, Kmart and for locally

owned concept stores and restaurants such as, The Roasted Bean, Home Attitudes and Crysallis Childrens Clothing, just to name a few.


Commerical clients need reliability, timely completion and realistic budgets to ensure a successful outcome and CCMC Florida, Inc. will do precisely that!  



Project Managment

If you're a homeowner or business professional who is unfamiliar with construction standards and practices, or you are an HOA who needs a professional company to look out for your best interests on your project; CCMC Florida, Inc. is the right choice for you. 


Our staff of construction managers will provide you with the personal service you deserve while at the same time making sure your project is completed on time and on budget.  CCMC has handled projects from $500K up to $15M. We offer flat fee or lump sum pricing for construction management or owners representation services.


Whether your a residential, commercial or large scale community client, CCMC Florida, Inc. will represent you in the most professional manner possible to see you achieve your goals!  

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